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The Cargo Division was recently established and also operates from a branch in Port Elizabeth.

The decision to diversify into the transportation of general cargo proved to be very successful. We also operate a couple of insulated trailers to cater for specialized product transport of tallow, cooking and other food grade oils.

We operate a further number of MAN Truck Tractors with Flat Deck and Tautliner Interlinks throughout South Africa and Namibia. These vehicles were designed to safely transport mixed loads and/or dangerous goods with a payload of up to 36 tons.

As part of our strategy,we adapt to the customer's needs at all times, and would if need be, acquire specialized equipment to meet the cusrtomer's needs.

What we do

  • Petrol Small Dark Petroleum
    Major distributors of fuel across SA
  • Freight Small DarkFreight
    Safely transport Food Grade Oils as well as mixed loads and goods
  • Lub Small DarkLubricants
    Stock a full range of Shell Oils and Greases