Retail Outlets

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Express Petroleum are proud of their relationships with many Retail Outlets and Truckstops throughout the Eastern Cape. We are the exclusive supplier of Fuel to the Following sites. You can contact us for more information or contact them directly on the numbers below.

Ropax Truckstop East London - Cambridge Goods Yard, Western Avenue, East London Tel: 043 - 7004377

Andy's Truckport Port Elizabeth - 127 Grahamstown Road; Deal party. Tel: 041 - 486 2601

Ropax Truckstop Queenstown - Dickenson Street; Queenstown. Tel: 045 - 838 1158

Ropax Truckstop Port Alfred - Tel: 046 - 624 4434

Buffalo Fuels King Williamstown

Jeffreys Bay Motors - Jeffreys Bay

Crossways Service Station - East Coast Resorts Road

Kei Motors - Kei Mouth